Creator Contest Overview
IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT the information on how new versions of the DAO are voted in by the community. You can find that information here.
Applying as a creator or voting for a creator is easy. Below is a high-level summary:
First, make sure you have enough Apollo in your DeFi (self-custody) wallet.
You will need at least $100 worth of Apollo to apply as a Creator or at least $50 of Apollo to vote in a contest (valued at the time you are either nominating or voting). If you need to buy Apollo, click here.
Second, select one of the following tools you will use to nominate or vote:
  • EASIEST: Metamask iPhone or Android app (by using the browser built into the Metamask app). You must, of course, hold your Apollo in a Metamask wallet already.
  • EASIEST: Coinbase Wallet iPhone or Android app (by using the browser built into the Coinbase Wallet app). You must, of course, hold your Apollo in a Coinbase Wallet already (which is different from Coinbase Exchange).
  • Chrome Browser for Mac or PC (with your wallet browser extension installed)
  • Other wallet apps with their own built-in browsers may also work, but have not been tested.
Third, connect your wallet:
Go to (using one of the compatible tools listed above) and click the "Connect Wallet" button, then confirm the connection using the tool you selected above.
Fourth, nominate yourself or vote:
To apply as a Creator, simply click the "Apply as Creator" button and fill in the complete profile. To increase your chance of winning, make sure to provide as much information and as many links to your work as possible. You should also record a video introducing yourself to the Apollo Community, talking about your work and what you would do with the funding if you win. More information can be found here.
Remember that any kind of Creator is welcome!
To vote for a Creator, simply review all of the Creators by clicking on their image. When you are ready to vote, click the "Cast Vote" button for the Creator you like most and confirm your vote. More information can be found here.
That's it!
More detailed instructions can be found in the sub-sections of this document.
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