How to Vote on a New DAO

How to vote using the Etherscan interface to vote in a new DAO version.

1. Go to Etherscan

Go the page on Etherscan for Apollo page here:

2. Connect Your Wallet

Click “Connect to Web3” on Etherscan and follow the steps to connect to your wallet (Metamask, Coinbase wallet, etc.)

However, If you are already connected, instead of seeing the “Connect to Web3” button, you should see a status indicator that says “Connected - Web3 [<Address>]”

3. Issue Approval to Vote with Your Apollo

Next you will need to “issue an approval” for the current DAO contract in order to be able to move some of your Apollo as part of your vote. General good practice is to only issue an approval for the amount of tokens you plan to vote with. The downside of doing this, is that you will need to issue a new approval each time you want to vote. The other option is to issue an approval for a large number like “999999999999999999999” (even if you don’t have that much) so that you don’t need to issue more approvals for future votes. Note that how many tokens you approve and how many tokens you actually vote with can be different, hence the reasoning around issuing an approval for a massive number of tokens so that you can later vote as little or as much as you’d like.

To issue an approval, navigate to the “1. Approve” section. If you don’t see it, make sure you are in the “Contract” tab.

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