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In an effort to provide complete transparency with the Apollo community and help educate people new to cryptocurrencies, Apollo's team of designers and developers are very active on Telegram, Discord, and Twitter and make themselves very accessible to anyone with questions. They also host live “Ask Me Anything” sessions periodically. They also accept invitations for interviews from YouTube channels that cover crypto, the arts, and content creators interested in how Apollo works.

They also try to respond to DM’s as quickly as time allows, but must politely decline any offers for paid promotion and advertising of Apollo. Apollo has never paid for advertising or interviews of any kind. We feel the best way to grow is to keep our promises and build trust within the community. While some will say this will slow down Apollo’s growth, that doesn't seem to be the case and, more importantly, we feel it is the only way to uphold the promise of true blockchain transparency, build trust within the community and focus our time and resources on helping the Apollo community build great products that help creators. Any positive or negative exposure we receive will have been done at the author’s sole discretion, usually because they either like Apollo’s purpose of giving back or they bought the token like everyone else and want others to believe in the project.

Please join the conversation on the following online discussion groups and communities:

We would like to thank all of the Apollo community members who volunteer their time to answer questions about Apollo in all of the above channels. They are wonderful ambassadors and important people in our community.

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