Sending to MetaMask

Below are instructions for sending Ethereum from your Coinbase Exchange account to your Metamask DeFi self-custody wallet.

1. Copy your Metamask wallet address

You first will need to copy your wallet “address”. This is the public string of characters that will be attached to any transaction you make on the blockchain. Anything this wallet ever does on the blockchain can be viewed by anyone. On the Metamask browser extension and app that you set up in a previous step, you should see a string of numbers and letters.

In the below images you will see the location of the wallet address (abbreviated as "0xa3a…28E8" in this example) circled in red. Tap or click the address to copy it.

2. Send your Ethereum to Metamask

Go back to Coinbase Exchange ( and you will see a “Send/Receive” button at the top right.

Tapping "Send/Receive" will show a dialogue box like the one shown below.

Paste your wallet address in the “to” section. Enter the dollar amount you want to send.

If this is your first time sending Ethereum to your Metamask wallet, it is recommended that you send a small amount for your first transaction to make sure the address is correct and that you are able to successfully send some small amount of Ethereum to your Metamask wallet before you send larger amounts. To do this, simply choose a smaller amount to send, confirm that it worked, then repeat the same process to send the remainder. Note, however, each time you send Ethereum from your Coinbase Exchange to your MetaMask wallet you will incur "gas fees".

Tap "Continue" when you have confirmed all the fields are correct. In a few minutes, you should see Ethereum in your MetaMask wallet.

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