Withdrawing Your DAO Vote

You can withdraw your vote (for or against) at any time by simply moving your Apollo back to your wallet before the voting period ends and the vote is tabulated. Note that votes are not tabulated until the end of the voting period and when the function “closeNewDAOVoting” is called. This function can not be called until the end of the voting period. If you withdraw your vote before the end of the voting period, it will not be counted in the vote tally.

  1. The current DAO contract's address can be found in the Apollo Token Smart Contract by going to this link and clicking on "2. artistDAO" to reveal the address.

  2. Click on the address under "2. artistDAO" to view the contract for the current DAO.

  3. Click on the "Contract" tab and then "Write Contract".

  4. If during the voting period you wish to withdraw your vote, simply expand the “5. withdrawNewDAOVotes” section header.

  5. Enter the same DAO address you voted on.

3. Click on the "Write" button.

When the transaction is confirmed you will see the Apollo you moved in order to vote will now be back in your wallet.

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