The Founding Team

Matt Johnson and long-time colleague Zack McClary were the primary designers and developers of Apollo.

Matt Johnson has been a leader in interactive software development for over 30 years. Prior to launching Apollo, Matt founded Eastedge Studios to explore the next wave of experiential computing where he and his team designed and built groundbreaking experiences in the fitness, AR, ML, and gaming spaces. His gaming clients included FGTeeV, Eh Bee Family, and The Annoying Orange which have a combined reach of over 65 million subscribers.

Prior to Eastedge, Matt served as Executive Vice President at Bottle Rocket Studios for nearly 8 years. His extensive experience with emerging platforms, social engagement and software development helped shape Bottle Rocket into one of the largest and most successful mobile development companies in the country, employing over 300 amazing professionals and built on a strong values-based foundation of putting people first. Bottle Rocket has launched over 500 app and internet-based products for companies like Southwest Airlines, Chick-fil-A, Pizza Hut, LEGO, NPR, Albertsons Companies, Caesars, Starwood/Marriott Hotels, NBC Universal, WWE, and dozens more.

Prior to Bottle Rocket, Matt held several other technical leadership and executive positions in multiple technology firms.

Exploring the landscape of emerging technology and innovation is Matt’s true passion. Matt is always looking for ways to give back to the community and has regularly spoken at industry events on topics including gaming, monetization, digital strategy to user-centered design.

You can find Matt's full LinkedIn bio here.

Zack McClary has been in the technology field for over 7 years. Prior to Apollo, Zack worked with Matt at Eastedge Studios to explore the next wave of experiential computing where he and his team ran production for the company and was the lead for several high-exposure games, fitness apps, and web properties.

Prior to Eastedge, Zack was an Analyst and later Assistant Vice President at Citi where he worked in both the data and security organizations of the company, performing lead engineering duties primarily on cloud-based applications.

Prior to Citi, Zack worked as an intern at Bottle Rocket where he first met Matt. While at Bottle Rocket, Zack built native Android applications including the extremely popular Southwest Airlines Android app.

Zack is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Professional Scrum Master (PSM).

Zack graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering.

You can find Zack's full LinkedIn bio here.

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