Proposing a DAO Improvement

Before a new DAO can be voted on, an Apollo community member must first propose a new DAO. Proposing a new DAO is not the same thing as the creator nomination and voting process.

Each version of the DAO can have its own rules on how future DAOs are voted in.

Any Apollo holder who holds at least 14B Apollo tokens (as instated by the rules of DAO 1.1) can propose a new DAO take over from the existing DAO.

Steps to propose a new DAO:

1. The current DAO contract's address can be found in the Apollo Inu Token Smart Contract by going to this link and clicking on "2. artistDAO" to reveal the address.

2. Click on the address under "2. artistDAO" to view the contract for the current DAO.

3. Click on the "Contract" tab and then "Write Contract".

4. Connect to your wallet with "Connect to Web3"

5. Expand the "2. nominateNewDAO"

6. Enter the address of the new DAO contract you want to nominate and click "write". Note that the Apollo holder who is proposing the new DAO is in charge of authoring the new DAO contract on which they want the Apollo community to vote.

This will start the voting process allowing anyone who holds any amount of Apollo to vote for or against the newly proposed DAO using the options and steps outlined in this document.

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