How to Apply as a Creator

Please read the instructions below to learn how to Apply as a Creator.

Follow these steps to apply for consideration in the contest:

  1. Applications are allowed anytime during the contest.

  2. Creators must nominate themselves.

  3. You need to hold at least $75 worth of Apollo to apply as a Creator (valued at the time you are applying). Your Apollo must be in a DeFi or self-custody wallet; such as Metamask or Coinbase Wallet (which is different from Coinbase Exchange).

  4. Plan ahead and collect the information you will need to fill out the application form. The information you enter into your profile is the most important factor in your chance to win. Incomplete profiles will not do well in the contest, so please take the time to produce a great profile. Get basic information together:

    • Creator Statement. A paragraph about you and your work. Share your passion and what your work means to you. Talk about how you got into it and where you want to go in the future. Be real, be human, and connect with your audience.

    • How will you use the funds if you win? A paragraph explaining what you would do with the funding should you win. Voters like to know how you plan to use the winnings.

      • Will you finally quit your day job to follow your dreams? Will you buy professional equipment? Will you use it to fund an upcoming project that you can tell the voters about?

    • Website Link. Your primary creator website. Voters want to see your work, experience, and passion. The more work you can show the better.

    • Social Links. Share all relevant social channels that you use—including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, OpenSea, Reddit, LinkedIn, TikTok, or others. This is vital as people need a way to get to know you.

    • YouTube Video. A single video of you introducing yourself to the Apollo community, showing your work, telling them about yourself and your work, what you are passionate about, how you became a creator and what it means to you, and what you would do with the funding if you win. This video doesn't have to be professionally produced. But it's an important part of your submission as it is what most voters will look at when deciding who to vote for. Please upload this video to your YouTube account and get the link to it, which you will need when you complete your profile.

    • Profile Photo. Profile photos are vital. Use a good headshot that is unique and clear. Square profile photos are best.

  5. Select one of the following tools:

    • Chrome Browser for Mac or PC (with your wallet browser extension installed)

    • Metamask iPhone or Android app (by using the browser built into the Metamask app)

    • Coinbase Wallet iPhone or Android app (by using the browser built into the Coinbase Wallet app)

    • Other wallet apps with their own built-in browsers may also work, but have not been tested.

  6. Go to (using one of the compatible tools listed above).

  7. Click the "Connect Wallet" button, then confirm the connection using the tool you selected above.

  8. Once your wallet is connected, click the "Apply" button and fill out the application. The more information you provide the better your chances to win.

    • Note: you will have the opportunity to edit and update your Profile details after the application is submitted.

  9. As part of the creator profile, you will be asked to provide a YouTube link to a single video about you and your work. This is the video discussed in #4 above. This video should be posted on YouTube.

    • Note: The video on YouTube needs to be submitted as a standard Video—not a YouTube short.

  10. When you have completed the profile, click the "Submit Application" button.

  11. You are now added to the Application Queue for addition to a future contest.


  1. Creator wallets cannot move funds from the wallet they applied with to any other wallet for the purpose of voting.

  2. Creators will not engage in the practice of 'buying' votes. This means not engaging with any individual or business that offers votes for them in exchange for crypto, fiat, or payment. Creators engaging in this practice will be removed from the contest and banned from participating in the future.

  3. Creators will not engage in the practice of setting up multiple wallets and moving APOLLO into them to bolster their vote count. The voting rules clearly state that each wallet must be tied to an individual, and no individual can vote more than once. If this practice takes place, the DAO will remove the Creator from the contest.

  4. Creators are expected to be honest and respectful in the communities at all times (as are all holders and voters). Disparaging other Creators or voters is prohibited.

  5. There are no ties. In order to displace the person currently in a position, a creator must get more votes than that person. For example... if creator A has 50 votes and creator B has 49, then creator B would still be behind creator A if it got another vote. They would need to get 2 votes to pass creator A.

  6. Creators must promote themselves and engage with the Apollo Community throughout the contest.

    • Creators must join and engage in the Discord and Telegram channels during the contest.

    • Creators must actively promote the contest on their social accounts (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc) during the contest.

NOTE: By submitting an application, you are agreeing to comply with the Terms of Service outlined in Legal Disclaimers. Part of this is agreeing to allow us to use all of the information you submit in the application profile form including your likeness and your work for the purpose of promoting you and your work, the Apollo community, future contests, and the Apollo project in general. And that you will cooperate with any interview requests.

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