Buying Overview

There are many ways to buy Apollo, but here is the easiest way for beginners who want to make sure they can also participate in the Apollo contests.

Shortest and easiest method to buy Apollo and also be able to participate in contest voting if desired:

Download and use the Coinbase app to buy Ethereum. Then watch the video and/or visit the page for detailed instructions here:

This document assumes you have not purchased other cryptocurrencies and is, therefore, very detailed and includes many steps that more experienced crypto holders can skip. Many of these same instructions can be used for how to buy other tokens, making it educational for you on how to buy cryptocurrencies in general.

The different ways to buy Apollo:

Coinbase Wallet

These are two separate Coinbase products which mean you have to have both products and each product has its own account. You use CBX to move fiat into the exchange and trade that for Ethereum. Then you move the Ethereum into the CBW and trade that for Apollo.

DeFi Wallet

This technique is the most complex of the options listed but is the choice for more experienced crypto traders who are already holders of other tokens in a DeFi (decentralized finance, self-custody) wallet.

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