Token Design

Apollo has worked hard to produce attractive, community-friendly tokenomics for its holders.

Apollo was designed to reward long-time holders and award up-and-coming creators through a weekly community voting system. Basic tokenomics are as follows:

3% reflection

Each time Apollo is bought, sold or transferred, 3% of the transaction is awarded to all then-current holders of Apollo. This essentially rewards those holders that decide to keep their Apollo to support the community, vs flip it. This means that you will see your Apollo account rise due to receiving these “free tokens” from other people’s transactions. To maximize the number of tokens that Apollo holders receive through reflection, neither the burn wallet (the largest holder of tokens) nor the Uniswap liquidity pool can receive reflections, making Apollo's reflection system extremely generous to Apollo holders.

2% burn

Each time Apollo is bought, sold, or transferred, 2% of the transaction is sent to a “burn wallet” which removes those tokens from supply forever. This irreversible process is designed to reward those that hold Apollo for the long term and provides a significant deflationary impact, further helping the stability and value of the token over the long term.

1% donation

Each time Apollo is bought, sold, or transferred through a decentralized swap (like UniSwap), 1% of the transaction is sent to the Creator Prize Fund, controlled by the DAO.

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