If I do want to vote for or against a newly proposed DAO, what do I need to do?

Note that any DAO change voting requires writing to the blockchain which will charge you the appropriate, current gas fees.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A new DAO must first be proposed by the community so there is something to vote for. For information on how to propose an all-new DAO, see the Proposing a new DAO doc.

Admittedly, the process described herein is not the most user-friendly process. Unlike the creator voting, there is not a web interface for new DAO version voting. But if you want to vote and follow the instructions below, your vote will be counted.

Again, there is a web interface planned for the creator nominations, voting, and tallying. However, since new DAO version votes are very rare, we didn’t feel it warranted the investment of its own web-based interface.

Option 1: Write your own Web3 calls (most technical):

You should only use this option if you already know exactly how to do this. But essentially any experienced developer can put together their own Web3 calls to vote.

Use Etherscan’s browser-based utility to vote (medium technical relative to other crypto activities you may have performed in the past).

This option is the easiest one available at this time, but we admit it’s not very intuitive. So we have provided detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to cast your vote in support of upgrading the current DAO to a new version.

Note that voting for or against a new DAO requires you to actually temporarily move some or all of your Apollo to the DAO. The more you move, the bigger your vote is because the DAO counts the number of Apollo tokens moved as your vote size. The requirement of moving tokens to vote was put in place because voting for a new DAO is a very big decision that will not be done very often. It's important that anyone voting for or against a new DAO feels strongly enough that they are willing to jump through a few hoops and even temporarily hold the Apollo they want to vote with during the voting cycle. You can move your Apollo back after the voting period is over during the cooldown period before the new DAO goes live. You can move as little or as much of your Apollo as you like as you vote. The more you move, the bigger your vote is.

While we will discuss it later, it is VERY important you remember to move your Apollo back to your wallet after the voting period is over so you don’t lose any Apollo in the process. Again, no transaction fees are charged for any moving of tokens related to voting.

Each DAO version has a rule that requires there to be a certain number of days for voting on any newly proposed DAO upgrades. For information about how many days of voting each DAO has, go here. During that period, you can use the instructions below to cast your vote. Note that you can cancel your vote and withdraw your Apollo and move it back to your wallet before the 7 day voting period ends. Or you can allow the voting period to end and then move your Apollo back to your wallet during the cooldown period. But in either case, it’s your responsibility to move your Apollo back so as not to lose any in the process.

After the voting period is over, the cooldown period runs for a set number of days before the next version of the DAO takes effect. This is so that you have a period of time to prepare for the new rules to take effect.

It is DURING this cooldown period that you MUST move your Apollo back to your wallet so you don’t lose any in the process. Apollo left after the cooldown period will be kept in the Creator Prize Fund and awarded to creators in future contests.

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