Buying with MetaMask and Uniswap

If you're choosing this option, you likely already have experience purchasing crypto and may not even need these instructions.

If you are already an expert with UniSwap, here are the things you need to buy Apollo.

  • The link to Apollo on UniSwap is here.

  • We suggest setting slippage to 6% (if that doesn't work you may want to try up to 9%).

  • Apollo's Smart Contract addres is: 0xADf86E75d8f0F57e0288D0970E7407eaA49b3CAb

But if you need help buying Apollo using UniSwap, we have provided detailed instructions.

In general, the major steps to buying Apollo using UniSwap are:

  1. Already own Ethereum or you must buy Ethereum on an exchange like Coinbase Exchange.

  2. Already have the Ethereum in a DeFi self-custody wallet like MetaMask or you must move it to a DeFi self-custody wallet like MetaMask.

  3. Use UniSwap to swap Ethereum for Apollo and keep it in your MetaMask wallet.

UniSwap provides several excellent instructional articles on their website:

  1. What is UniSwap is here.

  2. How to get a DeFi self-custody wallet is here.

  3. How to connect your wallet to UniSwap is here.

  4. How to swap tokens, such as Ethereum, for other tokens, like Apollo, is here.

  5. FAQs and troubleshooting the UniSwap swapping process are here.

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