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As mentioned elsewhere in this white paper, Apollo has never paid for advertising or interviews of any kind. We feel the best way to grow is to keep our promises and build trust with the community. Any positive or negative exposure we receive will have been done at the author's sole discretion. To be clear, we do not pay for any paid advertising, interviews, or YouTube influencers. While we have nothing against other tokens utilizing these avenues, we have simply chosen not to cross this line. Any promotions you may see on YouTube, TikTok, blogs, and other websites are at the sole discretion of the author and likely because they appreciate what we are doing and want to help the Apollo community grow.

Have questions or concerns?: If you have questions or concerns about anything related to Apollo, we ask that you first contact us or others in the Apollo community so we can help answer your questions and address your concerns. Discord and Telegram are the quickest ways to connect with the community and dev team. However, you are also welcome to DM us on Twitter. Or you can reach us directly at "Contact at apollocrypto dot org".

Want to spread the word about Apollo?: If you would like to help us spread the word about Apollo and tell others about our mission, or introduce Apollo to deserving creatives, you are welcome to do so. If you would like to provide links or hashtags in your posts, emails, blog articles, YouTube or TikTok, please feel free to use any of the following:

  • Our website is www.apollocrypto.org

  • Our Twitter account is @ApolloCryptoDAO

  • Our most common hashtag is #ApolloCrypto

  • Another commonly used hashtag to describe Apollo is #creatoreconomy

Ask Me Anything Interviews: Below is a list of Ask Me Anything interviews that Matt or the dev team have participated in so you can get to know the team better.

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