Get an Exchange Account

Before you can buy Apollo, you must first purchase Ethereum. This is because Apollo uses the Ethereum blockchain.

The options for purchasing Ethereum can vary depending on where you live. In most places, you will most likely have to go through an exchange like or Coinbase Exchange.

We will use Coinbase Exchange in this example to demonstrate how to open an exchange account.

1. Go to Coinbase

Visit or download the Coinbase Exchange app from:

2. Create an account

Click “Get Started” and create an account. You will need to do all of the steps including verifying your identity. Most exchanges are required to follow KYC rules (Know Your Consumer). Coinbase will have your identity but it will not be public. Verifying your identity will require you to submit a picture of a photo ID as well as a selfie. Coinbase will then have to review the documents. That usually only takes a few minutes. In general, creating an account is easier using the smartphone app than on a computer using the website due to the app's camera integration.

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