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Buying with BitMart

This technique does not allow you to participate in contests.
BitMart is a centralized exchange.
BitMart allows you to purchase Apollo directly without the need for a self-custody wallet or a swap. However, if you use BitMart you will not be able to nominate yourself as a Creator or vote in contests because BitMart is not a DeFi (self-custody) Wallet. However, you can move your Apollo from BitMart to a DeFi (self-custody) wallet after you acquire it if you wish.
In general, the easiest way to buy Apollo is on an exchange where you can move fiat (traditional money) into your account and trade that fiat (or other tokens you already own in the exchange) for Apollo. Exchanges allow you to do everything within their ecosystem. Instead of you holding the actual tokens, the exchange holds them for you and therefore can do more things for you. However, there are hundreds of exchanges, and they each have their own list of tokens that they support, making it very difficult to do all your crypto business on a single exchange. There is not a single exchange that supports every token you may be interested in.


  • Easy for beginners to purchase crypto
  • Experience is similar to using a bank or investment website
  • Customer support can help you if needed


  • Not your keys, not your crypto. This is a common idiom in crypto. It means the exchange is the custodian of your crypto and acts as a go-between.

The primary steps to buy Apollo through BitMart are:

  1. 1.
    Buy USDT (US Dollar Token) with fiat on BitMart.
  2. 2.
    Move USDT to "Spot Trade".
  3. 3.
    Swap USDT for Apollo.
Below you will find instructions on how to buy from Bitmart: